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26 April 2011

So In Love

I love everything about this bathroom that Apartment Therapy showcased in their Bold & Beautiful Bathrooms post. What do I love exactly? The deep porcelain tub, the painted wood floor and white rug - the general overwhelming use of white - the gray curtains and that chandelier. I love when chandeliers are used with a shabby motif. Like a complex crystal chandelier hanging above an old table with the paint chipping off of it, for example. Love that stuff. I wonder if that could be described as Victorian Decay. Haha Anyways, ughhghghhgh. Frothing 'round the mouth over this bathroom.

This looks London chic, to me anyway. After taking a bath in this blessed tub, I'd throw on some Louboutin pumps and hit the town with Daisy Lowe and company.

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