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25 March 2011

Little Girl Rooms

For some reason I can't stop thinking about my sister's children's rooms in their new house. They've been so busy with fundamental issues with moving in (they moved in in January) that my sister hasn't gotten the chance to unleash her mighty decorative powers to her full extent yet. So my imagination is going astray. The issue with the longest wall of the baby's room is that Alice's crib is up against it, so wisely, Beth doesn't want to hang anything above the crib in case it comes crashing down. Below are some ideas I've been piling up over the last week while I've been stewing over what to give Alice for her birthday.

The first idea I had is something that you have to be very careful about. If they're not done write, decals look cheap. But if you choose wisely, they're beautiful, classy and irreplaceable. Here are some examples I found that would be appropriate for a baby like Alice.

The first two I found on The Land of Nod, but the rest of the decals are from various suppliers on These little birds from Land of Nod are lined up so they look like they're perched around the rails of the crib or the child's headboard. They're so rich in detail and, since a lot of decals are easy to peel off and re-set, could be acceptable in a girl's room for a while. A lot of these decals are more baby-oriented though.

Decals range in price from $25 to $200 dollars, depending on the size mostly.

The important thing to remember is the colors can be adjusted in most cases.

LOVE the little elephants.

Meh. This one's a little cliche but still has that magestic allure.

This last one reminded me of the Tinkerbell movies.

The Land of Nod is my favorite online store when I'm shopping for small children and babies. It's my first stop if I need to buy a baby gift for work. I love the little growth charts they have, like this fairy chart below. Obviously these wouldn't hang above Alice's crib, but first I want to show how cute they are.

NOW back to the business of decorating the long wall with the crib against it. I thought these banners were sweet, Unfortunately the Alice letters aren't as pretty put together as the Madeline letters, but I don't think this banner would be difficult to make.

My niece Cora, Alice's older sister, would love these little hanging fairy mobiles. I'm not sure how they're fairies - they don't have wings. But I like that they're 3-D and colorful and have cute faces (see, the cute faces are key!)

More mobiles...
I love these little alphabet cards. The illustrations are adorable and the colors are vibrant.

I can see Beth getting creative with these Wall Flower cards.

Here's an example of what they look like hung up. They're pretty big, 8 x 10".
Again with the cute-faced mobile.

I found these vintage garlands made out of old sheets and random fabrics on the Lulou & Ada blog. I just love them. Think how you could modify this idea for party dinners and different themed table settings. I love the fabric flower banner below. I'm inspired! Thanks Lulou & Ada. :)

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