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20 March 2011

Dream House #1

I was in 8th grade when I first watched Practical Magic, and I remember being entranced by two things: Nicole Kidman and that house. THAT HOUSE! I have watched that film countless times, and sometimes I'll watch it just to study the background. I love that house and I wish I could have it moved to Minnesota.

It's lay-out reminds me of a lighthouse, which is something that I love. I love those winding stares, and the greenhouse area, where Sandra Bullock's character grows her herbs. The windows, the kitchen with the the oven and the ventilation hood over the oven also caught my eye. Mostly, I love the use of creme, black and white throughout the house with neutral accents, like green, blue and orange. I also love the yard. The gardens, of course the dream house will have a lot of these characteristics. :)

Click here to see galleries of each room in this house! I'm so in love. Someday when I buy my house, I want black floors and white cabinetry with glass windows.

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  1. Hi Abby! Practical Magic is one of my favorite books, but one of the only where I like the movie better. (Probably because of the setting and a little gal named Sandra Bullock). I found your blog while looking for photos of the kitchen from the movie. The house is definitely my dream house, too!

    Anywho, I'm off to explore the rest of your blog now. Happy house dreaming!