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20 March 2011

Speaking of strong women...

It hasn't failed my attention that the movies with houses I love always have strong, beautiful and feminine female leads. Clearly, I aim to be a strong beautiful woman who owns a strong beautiful home!

Speaking of Meryl Streep and warm climates, I was reminded of a source of inspiration for me that has nothing to do with interior design. I've always admired the style and bravado of Linda Kozlowski in Crocodile Dundee with her safari-chic wardrobe, casually perfect hair, sun kissed, rifle-wielding appeal.

I couldn't find a good photo, but I particularly love the white linen shirt with suspenders and dress with boots outfit. Accessories? Thin silver wrist watch and rifle. If it wasn't a 1986 film, where her home was set in jet-set New York City, I probably would have liked that character's home.

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