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20 March 2011

First Things First

My name is Abby Gail (first name Abby, middle name Gail after my mother, Wendy Gail.) I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I've just noticed that I've become increasingly interested in home decor and interior design. Today is my beautiful chubby baby niece, Alice's, birthday. And in honor of Alice Josephine, I've decided to start a blog about all the beautiful things that I hope to someday have in my dream house. Happy Birthday to Alice, you beautiful little muse.

I hope you enjoy! Feel free to sign up to receive my postings via email.

I hope you're having a great Sunday. It's wonderfully rainy and gloomy in Minneapolis today. It's a perfect day for cleaning, lighting some candles, and listening to some Les Escrocs, "Assedic".

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